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Saturday, November 20, 2010

the one minute apology

Assalamualaikum and hepi eid adha and happy holiday

today I realized something... most of us only ask for forgiveness during hari raya either eid fitri or eid adha, but after i read the one minute apology by Ken Blanchard and Margaret McBride, it makes me realized that we should apologize as soon as we can. do not wait until hari raya..... =) according to this book, one minute apology begins with surrender.

You surrender when you:

  1. are truthful and admit to yourself that you've done something wrong and need to make up for it
  2. take full responsibility for your actions and any harm to anyone else
  3. have a sense of urgency about apologizing- you act as soon as possible
  4. tell everyone you've harmed exactly what you now realized was your mistake- you are very specific
hopefully, this piece of info is useful.........=) and i'm SORRY


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